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My March On for Brain Injury New York City Fundraising Page

Judith Deiasi

Dear Friends and Family

This is a friendly reminder!! Please join Judy's Virtual Team, we need more participants. Let's get this done before Labor Day Weekend.
Thank you, Judy

It is time to join Judy's Virtual Team/March On for Brain Injury 2018. As promised, i have not bothered you for a year. You still do not have to show up for the walk, just click DONATE.
During the past year, I have become more involved with BIANYS and more passionate about the mission. I am now on the Executive Board and participate in several committees. I also represent BIANYS on the Rusk Institute"s Community Advisory Board for Traumatic Brain Injury.
This past March, I met with NY State Legislators to advocate for program funding and legislation that would benefit the brain injury community. I had the privilege to partner with a brain injury survivor. AnneMarie spoke eloquently of the many difficulties she experienced accessing medical and rehab services after her car accident, her extensive recovery process and her continued need for supports to get her through her daily routines.The people we spoke to were moved by her story (I did not have to say a word) and motivated to support program expansion.
I have spent a great deal of time speaking with survivors and their family members and realized how difficult it is for the caregivers. Caregivers are husbands,wives, parents and children; their life will never be the same. I have encouraged both BIANYS and the research team at Rusk to develop education and support programs for caregivers.
I am confident that with your help we can provide much needed services and supports.
It is my birthday season, your donation would be a wonderful birthday gift.
Warm Wishes and thank you, Judy


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