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John Quinan's March On for Brain Injury New York City Fundraising Page

John Quinan

Brain-injury is BIG and squeezes a wrench around-the-minds of more than 5-million Americans -- including-me after I was whacked-hard by a car in Manhattan on NYE '97.

Yes I survived a life-or-death coma with a fractured-skull, I figured out how to talk again, I resumed my career to break-ground in journalism -- and I have been a volunteering-member of the BIANYS Board of Directors for almost a decade trying my best to support the brain-injured world whenever/however I can.

This road-and-avenue of brain-injuries is only starting to get paved-forward for the countless survivors and families facing brain-battles almost wherever they turn -- and I am please asking you to consider making a contribution to my-corner of our 4th-annual 5K 'MARCH ON FOR BRAIN INJURY.'

Plus fortunately my company Bloomberg LP is continuing to generously support-BIANYS by matching all WALK-contributions I obtain up to $5,000. Thank you. John


raised of $5,000 goal

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So inspired by you John! Keep on walking!
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