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My March On for Brain Injury New York City Fundraising Page

Elena Dubas

Please help me support Brain Injury Association of New York State by making a contribution to my fundraiser. This is the first year I am taking part in the March On for Brain Injury walk, not only to help support the Brain Injury Association, but also as a way of saying thanks for the support I have gotten from the association, especially from the NYC Chapter. I have met incredible people through this chapter who can relate to what life is like with a brain injury, and for the first time in my life, I finally feel understood.

I was in an accident when I was 16 and had a severe brain injury. For a long time, my focus was on the bones I broke and not the injury that happened to my brain. I brushed off struggles I had, and just struggled. However, the older I got, it was harder to ignore. I am thankful for this organization and the resources it provides.

I would be very grateful if you could please help me reach my goal by donating. Any dollar amount is appreciated! Thank you in advance!


raised of $300 goal

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1. BKBill Kubiak
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4. WCWillson Cummer
Way to go, Elena!
Happy Birthday my love....I’ll always support you in everything 😘
6. ATAmy Travis
Good luck!
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