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Kyleigh Cheyne - Mind Over Miles Team

Mind Over Miles

I’m (Kyleigh) a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor, warrior, and true miracle. I’m a survivor since June 23,2003. I am now 16 years old and life can be a challenge, but I never give up hope. I enjoy music, art, adaptive skiing, helping assistant coach AYSO soccer, and recently I’m volunteering at an adaptive horse therapy facility for other kids with disabilities. I do struggle daily with some physical tasks and school is tough for sure, but I keep smiling and push through. I adapt to my environment and try to be inspiring to others. I would like to raise brain injury awareness because it's my world and dear to me, and together we can all make a difference. Thank you :)


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1. BGBill & Jenn Gagnon
Keep doing great things, a true inspiration.
2. KLKaren LaScala
You rock Kyleigh! Have fun in Rochester.
3. SSStancey Smith
4. ASAubree Smith
5. JWJeff White
Believe in yourself Kyleigh
6. MHMargo & Walter Hawkes
Love you Kyleigh