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Team Lil Tank March On for Brain Injury Long Island Page

Team Lil Tank

Welcome to Team Lil Tank's March on for Brain Injury Page. This is where you will hear the tragic and inspiring story of Kourtney Tankleff. We hope that after you read below, you will join us in our goal of fundraising, spreading awareness and education!!! Please help us support the Brain Injury Association of New York State by making a contribution to my fundraiser/ Team Page and by sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance the Brain Injury Association of New York State's great cause! In the end, we want you to join Team Lil Tank and share this page. Together we can make a difference.

This story is a parent and child’s worst nightmare, even though it is my reality. It is a story that every parent, guardian, aunt, uncle, relative and child need to hear and learn about. Imagine sending your child to school to obtain an education - instead they receive injuries that will directly affect every aspect of their life moving forward. However, there is something you can do to help those who have suffered and those that will unfortunately suffer in the future. There is an organization in New York called the Brain Injury Association of New York (which is the local chapter of the Brain Injury Association of America), that helps those with brain injuries. They named Kourtney the 2019 March on for Brain Injury Young Adult Honoree of Long Island. As an Honoree, she is determined to raise awareness and help raise funds for the Brain Injury Association and we are hopeful you will help us in this journey.


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laurie,Marty & Courtney are the first ones to support others & be there for anyone. God bless Courtney. Miss you guys xo