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My March On for Brain Injury 2020 Rochester Fundraising Page

Sharon Johnson
Thank you for visiting my page! I work for BIANYS as the Finger Lakes area FACTS Coordinator. We assist persons with brain injury and their families in a variety of ways such as linkage to resources, trainings on TBI, prevention programs, advocacy for persons with brain injury and so much more!

BIANYS is a leader of advocacy at the state level for people with brain injury and their caregivers and so much more! Please support our cause by donating now. Your support will help keep all our programs running so we can continue to serve you.

Please share with everyone you know. It will make a huge difference.
Every dollar I raise will advance Brain Injury Association of New York State's great cause!

Additionally, you can ask me how you can get involved too. You can join as part of my team and raise funds for BIANYS! Just click join my team or give me a call or email: 315-516-8162

Together, we can make a difference!




raised of $300 goal

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1. CPClaire Perlman
Sharon, congratulations on your new job! You have been the shining light for BIA. Thank you.
2. JJJulie Jones
3. Sharon Johnson

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