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Steps for a Successful Fundraising Campaign:

Set your goal
Set a healthy, but attainable goal.  Think about how many people you think you can recruit, how much you are going to ask everyone for, and how much time you will have to promote your team.  Example: If you think you can get 15 people to join your team at $30 each you’ll want to set your goal at $450.  If you think you can get another 10 people to contribute $25 each in donations, your goal will be $700!
Announce your team and encourage others to join you
Once you have a team and a goal, it’s time to decide how you will share your team with your family, friends, and colleagues.  Ask yourself: How do they prefer to receive information?

Social Media – Many people accomplish all of their fundraising just through social media alone.  Do you have many Facebook friends?  Are you popular on Twitter?  Use the tools available on the website to share your page and story.  Your friends can click directly on your shared link and be directed to your donation page.

Belong to a church group or gym or attend school? - A well-placed flyer or stack of flyers where people will see it will certainly attract attention and drive traffic to your page. This one is pretty self-explanatory, right?  Use the tools available right on the website, or create your own email to send to your family, friends, colleagues, listservs, or other groups you are part of.  Be sure to include the link to your page!
Good old word of mouth – Talk to everyone about your team.  At a party?  Work?  Book club meeting?  Let everyone know about the great work you are doing raising money and awareness for BIANYS and encourage them to join you.
Events – An event may help you raise money for your team.  A bake sale, selling bracelets, or a restaurant night are just some ways to get closer to your goal.  
Share your personal story
Often, people donate not to a cause, but to a person.  If your potential donors know why you are Marching On they will be more likely to support you.  Each of us has a reason why we are walking, whether it is in memory or in honor of a loved one, connected to your work, or for yourself.  Let everyone know why this is important to you, and it will be important to them too.
Share information about BIANYS
People will want to know where their donation is going.  Send them information about BIANYS, and let them know that 100% of the proceeds from the event go directly to supporting BIANYS programs and services.  Use the fact sheet provided in this packet, or direct them to our website at for more information.
Ask everyone to give!
This is the most important part of your fundraising effort, but it does not need to be the scariest!  When you send out your emails, distribute your flyers, or post on social media, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure success.  By incorporating the above steps, you’ll make the biggest impact.

Announce your team and your participation in March On for Brain Injury
Share your personal story – why are you doing this?
Provide information about how their donation helps BIANYS and its members
Ask for donations and provide a link to donate online
IMPORTANT:  The key to any successful campaign is follow-up!  Don’t assume one email will reach everyone.  Be sure to send multiple messages to keep your donors engaged throughout the campaign and remind them of your donation deadline.
Need more inspiration?  Download our Team Builder Manual for more fundraising ideas!