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My March On for Brain Injury 2020 New York City Fundraising Page

John Quinan
Greetings from John Quinan. Brain-injuries are abounding around and it was here in Manhattan at the age of 28 that I was clocked-out-cold by a car after-midnight on NYE. Nearly dead as a doornail while the weeks went by before my eyes consciously crackled-open a sliver -- and then it was more-months until my reasoning reached for the reigns of my verbal gurgles-and-burbles starting to shape into some sensible-sentences. And after that time of terror for me and mine I've creatively-continued capturing-forward into my 3rd-decade of journalism, I've gratefully grooved with appreciation and adoration of my magical-marriage with Pratima into our 2nd-decade -- and, with honor held high having just completed my 3rd-term and 9th-year as a volunteering-member of the Board of Directors of the Brain Injury Association of NY State, I very gladly keep supporting so many survivors out there whenever and however I can.

With that last-point circulating within this brain-injured mind of mine, there are struggles almost everywhere I look -- and towards trying to support the more than 5-million BI-survivors in the United States, I am asking you to please consider making a contribution to my annual Quinan-corner of our 5th-annual 5K 'MARCH ON FOR BRAIN INJURY' on Saturday, September 12 (and which will be virtual this year, though to totally-avoid the subway since the pandemic started months ago I actually walk-along 2.4-miles each-way to/from work daily -- so can that count?). :)

Plus my media-company Bloomberg LP is as usual generously supporting-BIANYS by matching all my page's WALK contributions up to $5,000.

Thank you. John


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