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Judy's Virtual Walk

Judith Deiasi

Dear Family members and Friends,

I know you planned to send a donation and you forgot. The September 12th deadline for the March on for Brain Injury is quickly approaching. Please click the donation button NOW to support BIANYS.

Thank you, thank you,


Dear Teammates and new friends of BIANYS,

It appears that Judy’s Virtual Team was ahead of the times. The Brain Injury Association of New York State’s 2020 March On for Brain Injury will be virtual for everyone. As in the past, you do not have to walk; you just have to send money.

These past months have been difficult for everyone. Like many of you, the BIANYS staff has been working from home. They have continued to advocate aggressively with the state legislators to increase and maintain services for people with brain injury, operate the 24/7 hotlines, educate professionals (teachers, nurses and athletic coaches) and provide supports and financial assistance to survivors and their families.

They have met these challenges with compassion, energy and ingenuity. Survivor support groups have continued via Zoom and a new statewide caregiver support group was initiated last week. We have learned that some supports work better online since we now have the ability to bring people together from all over the state without transportation challenges.

Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic, 400 individuals will sustain a brain injury daily in New York State. BIANYS will continue to be there to assist these people and their families.

This is my birthday season and you will not be able to take me out to lunch, send me a card or a gift (I do not get mail in the Berkshires). Instead, send a donation to this small, but vital non-profit.

Thank you your generosity.

Love you, Judy


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